ISP controlling entry/exti ("Low-Resource Routing Attacks Against Anonymous Systems")

Jon Doe thew0tcher at
Mon Feb 26 15:05:39 UTC 2007

Tony wrote:
> Im sure plenty of terrorist states would like this
sort of access IF their adversaries were actively
relying on TOR to communicate.
I am sure that the fear you create of  "terrorist
states" getting "this 
sort of access" will keep idiots running round on
their wheels in their 
cages forever, but intelligent people will see through
your ruse.
> Your comments on Jewish names and origins equating
to TOR operators being Jewish seems tenuous to say the
least. Is YOUR last name Sagdiyev by any chance? ;-)
No, its ... a secret..

Just let the gentiles take a look for themselves, will

They don't need to be herded like sheep by jews.

Those you haven't managed to kill off, that still have
a brain, are 
netitiled to thinki for themselves! Even if they are
not up to the speed 
of their brighter ancestors who people like you
managed to slander, ruin 
and eventually kill off before they passed on much of
their IQ genes on 
to the next generation.

I am sure you know all about Borat he's a jewish
Trojan horse, taking on 
the persona of the "despised enemy" of jewery, only to
ridicule it! Oh 
and if there are any gentiles out there who in any way
think they can 
strike a "deal" with these fiends, then think again.
Take a look a the 
biblical, middle-east, near-east and N. Africa.

Egypt - save the jews bacon then were ruined by them.
Palestine - annexed by them
Jordan - annexed by them
Lebanon - annexed by them
Syria - annexed by them
Babylon (Iraq) - take as slaves and then ruined by
Persia (Iran) - infiltrated and ruined by them

Read the old testament bible its all in their. Pure
poison! Notice the 
way ALL their neighbors are said to be EVIL. What do
you think they say 
about YOU!

Today these great nations are ruined, drained of
natural resources and 
have little technology. Dead since the jews pulled out
and moved to the 
greener pastures of Europe.

These nations only hope was their oil. Now they don't
have that even.

Then they followed that with..

Rome - infiltrated and ruined by them
Turkey - infiltrated and ruined by them

etc etc...

Do some work people, don't trust me, and dont trust
someone who comes on 
and tells you not to bother.

Save your bacon, before its too late!

Anti-semitic? hell no

Anti-jewish? hell yes, after what I've seen I'd have
to be a complete 
twat not to be! 

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