PHP coder needs Tor details

Seth David Schoen schoen at
Mon Feb 12 22:38:01 UTC 2007

Mr. Blue writes:

> Problem 1:
> I start Tor by simply typing "tor" in command line(FreeBSD 6.x). When I tried to stop it by SIGNALS form Tor man pages none of them worked.
> Obviously SIGNALS are not ment to be passed to Tor through command line(This MUST be in a man but it ISN'T!), while options with theirs values ARE ok if passed to Tor through command line.
> So let's firstly solve this - How to start and stop Tor through command line?
> After that I will pas question 2.

"SIGNALS" standardly refers to the Unix signals mechanism; see the man
page for signal(2).  The command-line program to send a signal to a process
is called kill; see the man page for kill(1):

       kill - send a signal to a process

By using the kill program on the command line, you can generate the signals
described in the SIGNALS section of the Tor man pages.

It's probably also possible to generate signals from within a PHP script
using an appropriate library function.  It looks like the function to
use would be posix_kill().

The effects of posix_kill will be equivalent to the effects of using
kill from the command line.

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