PHP coder needs Tor details

Mr. Blue trashdsfg at
Mon Feb 12 19:43:25 UTC 2007


I am new here and am trying to utilize Tor by PHP from command line.
I have read all manual and all faq but it helped me very little.

With that information I've only achived to install tor and make PHP do request through Tor.

Problem 1:

I start Tor by simply typing "tor" in command line(FreeBSD 6.x). When I tried to stop it by SIGNALS form Tor man pages none of them worked.
Obviously SIGNALS are not ment to be passed to Tor through command line(This MUST be in a man but it ISN'T!), while options with theirs values ARE ok if passed to Tor through command line.

So let's firstly solve this - How to start and stop Tor through command line?
After that I will pas question 2.

Thanks in advance!


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