[tor-reports] Cristobal's SoP status report #2

Cristobal clv at riseup.net
Mon Aug 3 19:24:18 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

This is my second biweekly status report for the Relay Web Status
Dashboard project at SoP. During the last two weeks I have:

* Worked on Graph and Log components. The first one is almost done and
the latter is still work in progress.

* Separated **server** code from **client** code. Nevertheless, I've
kept a "dual mode", so both server and client run on the same
ip-address:port. This way is easier to run it and test it during

* Separated "server execution" from "tor execution". Rwsd's server can
run whether tor is up or down, and if tor is started, the server will
automatically update itself with tor data.

You can take a look at the code in [1].

Over the next two weeks I'll be finishing graph and log components. I'll
also fix a few bits on UI (when adding the log component the initial
dashboard screen scrolls). My next status report is due to August 14th,
along with midterm evaluation, so all of my efforts are to finish an
initial release of Relay Web Dashboard.

Best Regards,

[1] https://github.com/leivaburto/rwsd/tree/develop

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