[tor-reports] A few things Nick did in September

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Thu Oct 2 03:44:41 UTC 2014

In September:

   - I finished my ed25519 branch and finally merged it to master.
     This will help make Tor faster and more secure.

   - I got Trunnel feature-complete, and finally merged the first
     Trunnel-using patch into Tor.  Over time, this will lower the
     number of bugs in our binary parsing code and increase the pace
     of development.

   - With the rest of the team, I helped release and, which with any luck will be the last pre-stable
     0.2.5.x releases.

   - I started a new round of review on Andrea's code for #9262 so
     we can try to get global circuit scheduling merged on an
     0.2.5.x timeframe.

   - I fixed warnings from many static analysis tools.

   - I reviewed and merged a whole bunch of patches for 0.2.6.

   - I began implementation work on proposals 220 and 228. This is a
     prerequisite for our hidden service revamp and towards removing
     the last vestiges of RSA-1024 in our protocols. The
     key-management, certificate, and descriptor-signing,
     descriptor-checking, and cross-certification parts are written
     and tested; the other parts remain.

   - I started having weekly "patch workshop" meetings for people to
     talk about code they've written and ask for advice.

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