[tor-reports] Damian's Status Report - March 2014

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Mon Mar 31 22:58:34 UTC 2014

Hi all. GSoC coordination and a couple particularly tenacious illnesses pretty
well knocked me out of commission this March. The neatest changes I managed to
slip in concerned Stem's site...

* FAQ entry for how to interact with Tor's controller interface directly. This
  comes up reasonably frequently on Stack Overflow. In the answer we discuss
  each connection and authentication scenario with examples...


* A few weeks ago Coderman made the great suggestion for a Stem Cookbook. I've
  put together a few scripts that demonstrate neat things. If you have any
  suggestions for other things to exemplify then please let me know!


* Code reviewed Martin's munin-tor and Lunar's exit-funding scripts. Both are
  now listed on our examples page, and I also made Exit Map more prominent
  (thanks Philipp for mentioning Stem in Spoiled Onions!).


* Handful of other minor improvements such as making FAQ entries more
  concise, syntax highlighting torrc snippets, and better module docs.

Stem now supports HS_DESC events, and fixed an issue with ExitPolicy
pickle-ability thanks to Nick Hopper.

Final note for March is that as anybody who knows me can attest I make a lot
of typos. I spend enough time on irc that I finally invested some effort into
getting an Irssi spellchecker working...


I love Irssi to death but user friendly it is not. If you would like a similar
setup then here's my notes...


Cheers! -Damian

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