[tor-reports] Karsten's May 2014

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Tue Jun 3 13:43:31 UTC 2014

Helped debug a problem with parsing .z-compressed descriptors fetched
via tor's DirPort (#11648).

Finalized and deployed a version of Onionoo that uses Google's Gson
library to format/parse documents rather than StringBuilder/Scanner

Fixed a bug in Onionoo that broke the contact parameter for most relays

Fixed a bug in Onionoo where exit addresses would only be considered if
they are contained in a newly parsed exit list (#11066).

Celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Tor archive by writing a blog
post about it.

Held a couple of Tor Weather rewrite meetings in #tor-dev.

Rewrote parts of the Onionoo data processor to make it consume
almost-constant memory when doing bulk imports.

Built and tried out Arlo's Instantbird plugin for Sponsor O.

Started a new Tor Weekly News section with easy development tasks to get
involved with.

Talked about the documentation part of Sponsor O a few times with Kelley
and Colin.

Had to fix issues with moria's Torperf twice.

Looked into new Java libraries and frameworks to make our various Java
services easier to maintain.  DropWizard was promising, and the
contained Metrics library was tempting.  However, these new libraries
collide with our policy of only using third-party libraries if they're
in Debian.  Spring framework is still on my list of things to look at
more closely.

Changed the format in which we provide recent descriptors from "one
descriptor per file" to "one file per hour with all newly collected
descriptors".  Had to fix some funny memory problems with the
descriptor-parsing library metrics-lib.

Started moving parts from the metrics website that deal with collecting
and providing descriptors to a new website.

Moved Onionoo to a new server.

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