[tor-reports] Kevin's December 2013

Kevin P Dyer kpdyer at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 22:36:31 UTC 2014

- Attended PT meetings.
- Released version 0.2.1 of fteproxy, focusing on removal of boost and
OpenFST as dependencies, and improving documentation.
- Released version 0.2.2 of fteproxy, in response to the great
feedback from George K., Nick M., and Yawning. This release included
removal of gmpy as a dependency, greater documentation, and additional
logic to validate input for all C++ functions.

- Resolved issues for fteproxy 0.2.3, which includes even more
documentation, a simpler build process, performance enhancements, and
improved integration tests.
- Spent time in IRC, and on email with dcf, getting my build
environment setup for the PTTTB 3.5. I have a preliminary patch to
dcf's PTTBB 3.5 [3], which I'll release this month.


[1] https://github.com/kpdyer/fteproxy/releases/tag/a3df7b4bf5
[2] https://github.com/kpdyer/fteproxy/releases/tag/384a4b0ba5a5
[3] https://gitweb.torproject.org/user/dcf/tor-browser-bundle.git

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