[tor-reports] Andrew's January 2014

Andrew Lewman andrew at torproject.is
Wed Feb 19 01:46:48 UTC 2014

# Andrew's January 2014

1. Continued to work with two victims of intimate partner abuse and
help their legal and support teams understand the usage of technology
in their cases.

2. Finished off the project to enhance donations through the website,

3. Worked with Kelley and others to find sponsors, fund, and plan the
2014 Winter Developers' Meeting. The wiki page is a work in progress,

4. Spent more time with our lawyers reviewing contracts, employee
agreements, policies, annual goals and objectives, and the like for
FY2014. The goal is to tighten up Tor's company operations.

5. Hired a part-time person to work on contracts, accounting, and other
administrative needs.

6. Answered more press questions and did a few interviews, such as for
NPR and BBC, Bloomberg,

7. Deployed the new easy download page to highlight the donation
button. See https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/10264 and

8. Setup a new bandwidth authority to replace a dead one.

9. Investigated a call for proposals from the Air Force, number
AF-141-058, Architecture for Enterprise Anonymization. Tor people
uninterested in proposing.

10. Made progress on the project to upgrade Tor's infrastructure,

11. Worked with a research team from NorthEastern working on legal
jurisdictional arbitrage in Tor path selection, and trust properties
of tor path selection. Helped them think about their research, running
simulations, and encouraged collaboration with the Naval Research Lab.

12. Helped the NorthEastern team apply for NSF funding to further their

13. Helped resolve an issue with payroll for Germany.

14. Recovered the servers in the office after a 5 day power outage.

15. Helped write an article about Internet censorship in Turkey ahead
of their new draconian laws being passed.

16. Signed up Tor for gittip for donations,

17. Helped negotiate a trademark license for Unix Stickers to sell
Tor stickers,

18. Talked to the Dept of Justice about dataset availability on domestic
violence and technology.

19. Trip to DC,

20. Helped review a proposal with a partner organization about pluggable

21. Helped Lunar kick off the tor www team mailing list,

22. Talked to the State Dept with a partner about a rejected joint
proposal from 2013 to learn more about the reasons for the rejection.

23. Helped PETS get the hotel and sponsors underway for the 2014 PETS
conference in Amsterdam.

24. Worked with Microsoft to help clarify what they can do about the
botnet using Tor and removing it through their various security software

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