[tor-reports] Arturo's January 2014

Arturo Filastò art at torproject.org
Thu Feb 6 17:44:04 UTC 2014

# What I did in January

* Fix bug that lead to stalling of certain HTTP requests towards certain

* Implement script for harvesting the addresses of oonib test helpers
and collectors from the m-lab nodes:

* Automatically detect the default system resolver if no resolver is
specified to the dnsconsistency test:

* Fix memory leak inside of oonib:

* Attend a meeting in New York City with M-Lab, Georgia Tech,
Stonybrook, and Least Authority, where we identified the next steps in
order to get the OONI backend deployed on M-Lab. We discussed with Least
Authority what should be the scope of their audit and told them to also
give us pointers to which part of the code smells and areas of improvement.

* Created a debian package and debian repository for ooniprobe at

* Wrote some notes on the release procedures for ooniprobe and updated
some of the test specifications:

* Migrated the torproject collector to the mlab test infrastructure to
facilitate the least authority audit for m-lab.

# What I plan to do in February

* Attend Tor developer meeting in Iceland

* Work on the project plan for the future of OONI

* Develop a set of tools for parsing and analyzing ooni-probe reports

~ Art.

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