[tor-reports] Colin's November 2014

Colin C. colin at torproject.org
Sun Dec 7 21:30:16 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

Done this month:
- Resolved 185 tickets on RT
- Rejected 39 spam tickets on RT
- Took over as support coordinator from Lunar
- Started reviewing the short user manual
- Worked on Sponsor O Tor curriculum
- Met with Leiah regarding Tor curriculum graphic design
- Added more reviewers to Transifex teams
- Followed up with possible exit runners, looks promising

Notes on RT:
- iOS users still looking for Tor solutions, more users are grabbing whatever they see first
- ChromeOS users continuing to look for Tor solutions
- Increase in the number of users requiring a pluggable transport for connection
- Users continue to be confused by the opening "directly connect / configure" option
- Meek continues to be useful for many users

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