[tor-reports] Some things Nick did in September

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Thu Oct 3 15:53:52 UTC 2013

1. I wrote a set of patches (#8897, #9663) to make the ntor handshake
faster by using better implementations of the curve25519 primitives.

2. As part of #9663, I began work on supporting ed25519 signatures in
Tor. Right now, there are only a set of unused but tested functions in
my "ed25519" branch. Next steps here are to work on proposal 220
and/or George's HS proposal, once it's done.

3. I did a branch ("better_workqueues") for #9682 to improve our
cpuworker performance by pipelining requests and trying to take the
kernel out of the picture better for our IPC.

4. I ran a hackathon at the GNU 30th anniversary celebration.

5. As usual, I spent a lot of time chasing bugs, reviewing patches,
merging code.

6. Wrote and merged some patches to implement proposal 222 to make
clients stop sending timestamps.

7. Helped ctoader finish and merge his gsoc sandboxing work

Stuff I want to do in October:

1. Work on selecting an IM client to build into a browser bundle.

2. Review and merge Andrea's patch for connection write scheduling.
Use it to implement a

3. Get more proposals finished and implemented for 0.2.5.

4. Get more pending patches for 0.2.5 reviewed and merged.

5. Get out another 0.2.4 release or two.

6. Contact all the cryptographers who said they'd think about stuff
for me; see if they've had any thoughts.

7. Try to get my clientrandom timestamp elimination patch merged into openssl.

8. Go to the GSoc Mentors summit.

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