[tor-reports] Mike's September 2013

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Thu Oct 3 20:56:48 UTC 2013

In September, I:

1. Started going to Mozilla HQ once a week to work more closely with the
teams involved in the patches I want merged. I also gave a Tor talk and
answered questions for about a half hour.

2. I began rebasing patches onto FF24. I rebased about 70% of the
patches. Pearl Crescent has also rebased a few of their own that I still
need to merge.

3. I wrote a preliminary draft of the Gitian technical details blog

4. Finally made a new GPG key:

5. Drove the Lead Automation Engineer interview process. Hopefully we're
ready for a decision here.

In October, I hope to:

1. Release a beta for TBB 3.0 that actually works on WinXP.

2. Finish the Gitian technical details post. Finally.

3. Help decide a way forward towards a Tor+OTR IM client/IM bundle.

4. Get another TBB alpha series out based on FF24 and Tor 0.2.5.x.

5. Continue visiting Mozilla. Maybe do another Q&A session.

Mike Perry
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