[tor-reports] George's status report: September 2013

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Tue Oct 1 14:34:36 UTC 2013

# Top 6 goals of September 2013

- Started pluggable transports wiki page:
  Yawning and other people enriched it. The idea is that this will
  serve as a more up-to-date and crowdsourced PT knowledge base.

- There was quite a bit of activity in the obfsproxy front with two
  new releases for pyptlib and obfsproxy (that include #9815
  and #8979).

- I triaged all open obfsproxy tickets in trac and closed as WONTFIX
  all the tickets related to the old C-based obfsproxy. I also created
  tickets for some obfsproxy coding tasks in case any volunteers
  appear: #9823, #9822 and #9824.

- Wrote a draft for a proposal on migrating Hidden Services to new
  identity keys:
  Got some good feedback from people and I'm planning to post the next
  revision soon.  Also continued working on the merged version of the
  previous two HS proposals.

- Almost finished the implementation of #9349. There are still some
  bugs needed to be fixed, and Ximin identified some design
  shortcomings which he is planning to work on.

- Helped with the biweekly Pluggable Transport meetings that vmon
  The PT meetings try to bring together people interested in PTs. The
  meetings are supposed to last 30 minutes during which people brief
  each other on their work. People can spend some more time afterwards
  to discuss recent developments. Decent attendance so far with good

# Top 3 goals for October 2013

- Finish #9349 smoothly.

- Continue work on the Hidden Service proposals.

- Work on #5018, #9744, #8510, #9825 and other miscellaneous
  Tor/obfsproxy tickets.

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