[tor-reports] October 2013

Matt matt at pagan.io
Fri Nov 1 16:07:21 UTC 2013

This month I resolved 218 tickets on the Tor Help Desk. 

I talked about Tor and Tails at a Cryptoparty sponsored by EPIC. 

I met some cool people at the Rally Against Mass Surveillance in
Washington, DC.

I compiled some web resources for the wiki covering various aspects of
digital security. 

I submitted small additions to the website (#9909, #10044).

I made weekly contributions to Tor Weekly News. 

I contributed to the new Tor Stack Exchange page. 

I submitted a final report on Sponsor F year 3 item 17. 

Despite some helpful conversations with Yawning, I was unable to
positively identify the source of a DNS leak in Mumble in time for the
Sponsor F year 3 deadline. I plan on continuing to pursue this. I
investigated alternative methods of using Mumble on Windows. When using
Torcap, I found that Mumble byapssed Torcap's proxy settings, and so
did not provide a solution for this issue. When using Tortilla, I found
that Tortilla introduced so much latency into the system that circuits
were failing all the time. Even though Tortilla is good at proxy
obedience, I found it to be unreliable for data delivery and not well
suited for VoIP.

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