[tor-reports] Moritz in June...

Moritz Bartl moritz at torservers.net
Mon Jul 1 17:45:38 UTC 2013

... I was busy most of the time, but still feels like I didn't get
anything in particular "done" in June in regards to Tor.

- I set up a funding campaign for Tor exits and bridges, and it made its
conservative initial goal of 1000 Euro within 2 days.

- I've been to the Internet Governance Forum, the Youth Internet
Governance Forum, and a round table at the Ministry of Interior to
discuss EU privacy law

- I was interviewed by a German TV team and gave some horrible answers
to their questions

- I refined my article for the CCC's Datenschleuder; quite possibly, it
will end up as a series on Netzpolitik.org instead

- I met with Renewable Freedom Foundation again and sent them some proposals

- I finished my part of the tax report for Zwiebelfreunde

- finally set up a new working phone number for Zwiebelfreunde since the
old operator's offer died, and changed it hopefully in all records

- I tried again to play with Mumble over Tor, and failed

- tried to motivate some other Torservers partners to try and submit a
concept proposal to the EU

- met with our lawyer

- the usual, answered some support-related mails on tor-talk

Moritz Bartl

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