[tor-reports] What Nick did in June

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Mon Jul 1 17:07:39 UTC 2013

This month I:

   - Did some experimentation trying to make IPv6 directory servers
     work, and in the process found some IPv6 bugs. (#6027)

   - Helped put out an release, fixing a lot of
     important bugs.  See the ChangeLog for more information there.

   - Put out an release while Roger was away.  It
     doesn't appear to have ended the world.  In fact, it seems solid
     enough that I'm champing on the bit to call the next release -rc.
     I'd call it -stable, but Roger would probably not go for that.

   - Helped ctoader get started with his GSoC project on Tor
     sandboxing with seccomp2.

   - Reviewed a bunch of patches, merged a bunch of patches, fixed a
     bunch of bugs.  Notably, I finally managed to review Steven's UTP
     patch series.  (#9166)

   - Analyzed performance issues related to consensus diff designs,
     based on a month's worth of consensus docments (#7009)

   - Worked on some more patches for 0.2.5 which I hope I can get
     merged in July.

   - Spent time talking to stressed out people in the Tor community
     about how we can communicate and relate to each other in better

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