[tor-reports] Ximin in November 2013

Ximin Luo infinity0 at gmx.com
Tue Dec 3 00:36:42 UTC 2013

Ximin in November 2013

Done in 2013-11:

- integrate obfs-flash into the PT bundle, experimental branch [10006]
- temporary fix for obfs-flash behaviour on windows [10088]
- finalise and merge pending flashproxy branches [6810] [9974]
- get misc minor flashproxy things out of the way [9965] [10042]
- make complete Debian packages for flashproxy [8092] [1]
- investigate webrtc signaling with ICE and how to integrate into flashproxy [5578]
- make some progress on ezpt as another path to a PT combiner [7822]

Deferred from previous report:

- work towards pushing design upgrades to PT spec
- finish design notes on PT composition

Todo in 2013-12:

- merge flashproxy argparse refactoring [9975] 
- release flashproxy to Debian [8092]
- further investigate webrtc for flashproxy [5578]
- model and investigate facilitator resource management [various]


[1] Details about package "flashproxy"

[5578] Investigate WebRTC for flash proxy NAT punching 

[6180] Reduce code duplication across client programs

[7822] Create an ezpt pluggable transports wrapper 

[8092] make a deb of flashproxy and get into Debian

[9965] allow browser proxy config values to be overridden by other js

[9974] packaging and installation scripts for facilitator

[9975] use argparse rather than getopt

[10006] Build an obfs-flash PT bundle

[10042] Document inner/outer transports

[10088] pyptlib - use JobObjects on windows to automatically kill PT children (...)

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