[tor-relays] IPV6 address keeps changing every 2-3 days

Quentin Campbell q.g.campbell at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 21:36:21 UTC 2022


I'm running a non-exit relay on a home British Telecom broadband 
connection (FTTC, 20Mb up/80Mb down).

Its IP addresses (IPV4 & IPV6) are allocated dynamically.

The IPV4 address can remain the same for weeks. However the IPV6 address 
seems less stable and lasts no more than 2 or 3 days before changing.

A consquence of this is that Tor Metrics (atlas) shows a lot of downtime 
for the node.

When I see that the node is down I restart the (UBUNTU) NetworkManager 
although the host should pick up the new address eventually without 
doing that?

I would like to run a stable node with as little downtime as possible. 
Any suggestions on how I might improve things; in particular can I 
automate the checking and restart of the network/TOR whenever the IPV6 
address changes? Do I really need to do this?

On that last point, I thought that TOR nodes handled more gracefully the 
issue of dynamic address changes? Is there any source of info on this 
for dynamic IPV6 addresses?



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