[tor-relays] Legal bases

Martin Gebhardt martin at gebhardt.im
Thu Feb 10 00:06:50 UTC 2022

Hello all,

I would like to read about experiences with local laws of various 
countries. So far I run my exits in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

I have found a provider for me that also covers the following countries 
and has no problem with Tor exits:
- Poland
- Australia
- Singapore
- France

My goal is to have a unified website for each country, where you can 
find links to official websites of the countries with "traffic passing " 
For AT, DE and NL these are known to me. For the other countries not. 
Now before I start searching and messing around with translators, I hope 
someone here has experience in one or more of these countries and can 
provide with paragraphs.

I am grateful for any hint.
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