[tor-relays] TorWeather replacement features

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Thu Feb 10 01:09:07 UTC 2022


I'm currently working on a TorWeather replacement (mainly using a byproduct of another project)
that should be helpful for relay operators to get notifications about their relay downtimes
and other issues.
I believe such a service will contribute to a more healthy tor network
and better informed operators leading to less relays running on
old vulnerable and end-of-life tor versions.

For those that did not have the chance to use TorWeather in the past
before it died due to lack of a maintainer:
It was a simple software as a service for relay operators that allowed
them to subscribe for email notifications in case their relay dropped
out of consensus (and a few more use-cases).

The service will be for the operator of the relay(s).
Subscribing and notifications will be aggregated by operators,
meaning if multiple relays from a single operator go down at the same time,
it will produce a single notification only (instead of one per relay).
If a new relay gets added by an operator no additional steps are
required to get notification for the newly added relays.

You can rate the items below with these levels:
(off-list replies are fine as well)

1 = must have
2 = should have
3 = nice to have

The system will use the email address in your CIISS email field,
which implies it is public. How important are private (non-public) ways to subscribe
to notifications for you? (non-public email address)

TorWeather used to have an option where the operator was able to specify after
what amount of downtime they would get a notification.
I would simply go with a single static value: "2 consensus are missing your relays" (2 hours) -> notify.
How important are configurable downtime periods to you and what timeframe would you choose?

I'm primarily focusing on notifications about "changed to the worse" (i.e. up -> down; ok -> eol).
How important are recovery notifications (i.e. down -> up) to you?

What would be the next most useful/important notification use-case for you after
- relay dropped out of consensus
- relay is running a vulnerable/end-of-life tor release
- relay lost guard/exit flag

The first notification method will be email.
How important would be matrix as a second notification method to you?
Would you use one or multiple notification methods at the same time?

kind regards,


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