[tor-relays] New round of measuring the accuracy of Tor relays' advertised bandwidth

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Thu Sep 23 14:20:48 UTC 2021

Georg Koppen:
> Georg Koppen:
>> Hello!
>> You might recall we ran two "speed tests" so far for investigating the
>> accuracy of a relay's advertised bandwidth, one in 2021[1] and another
>> one earlier this year[2].
>> We gonna pick this test up again this week. However, this time it won't
>> be just a single run but we are rather scheduling the experiment to be
>> on for two weeks and then off for two weeks for the upcoming
>> weeks/months (see: the third item in our network experiments strategy[3]
>> for some rationale). More exactly: we'll run our measurement script for
>> roughly one week, then wait about a week for flooded values leaving the
>> relay descriptors, then 2 weeks off, then starting again...
> A small correction here:
> We'll run the measurement script for roughly *two* weeks, then wait
> about a week for flooded values leaving the relay descriptors, then 1
> week off, then starting again.
> We figured out that's a better use of our resources compared to the two
> weeks break in the measurements cycle.

Another cycle of that experiment started a couple of hours ago.[1] We
hope to have finally figured out all the bugs in our setup so that we
don't see several peaks during our measurement period anymore.[2]


[1] https://status.torproject.org/experiments/2021-09-23-relay-speed-test/
[2] See:
for how the two measurements look like we did this year.

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