[tor-relays] New Test for Measuring the Accuracy of Tor Relays' Advertised Bandwidths

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon May 10 10:29:20 UTC 2021

Hello everyone!

Some of you might remember the speed test Rob had been running during
August 2019 to investigate the accuracy of the advertised bandwidth a
relay is reporting in its server descriptor.[1] Back then this involved,
for each relay, downloading several large data streams for a period of
about 20 seconds to get a better estimation of the relay's true capacity
(See: [1] and follow-up emails for the exact details of the experiment).

We plan to do this speed test again in about 1 week and relay operators
can opt-out of it (again) if they want to. We still believe that the
overhead of this speed test is in line with regular usage, but if anyone
doesn't want to participate that's fine. Let us know if so (by replying
to this thread or off-list, if preferred) and we remove your relay(s)
from the list to scan.



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