[tor-relays] This past week's most active discussion has forced my hand

William Kane ttallink at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 30 03:49:57 UTC 2021

Hi Isaac,

First of all, congratulations on becoming a father!

Any help with the GoodBadISPs document is heavily appreciated.

One particularly helpful piece of data would be the number of Tor
nodes already running under any given autonomous system - making it
easier for the soon-to-be relay operator to choose a less known host,
thus improving network diversity.

The infrastructure / API's for this we already have, now we just need
to write some code:


After all this is set up, we should launch some kind of campaign in
order to incentivize people with some spare cash to host a few relays.

For 10 bucks a month, I could , right now, spin up two relays on a
single KVM machine with one public IPv4 and one public IPv6 address,
under an AS only hosting about 9 Tor nodes.

If everything works out okay, then we should phase-out or at-least
de-prioritize the likely already wiretapped autonomous systems -
talking about Hetzner, Online S.a.s and OVH - and then start shifting
traffic evenly to the new, decentralized relays.

I know, a lot of wishful thinking - but you gotta start somewhere, right?

- William

On 27/03/2021, Isaac Grover, Aileron I.T. <igrover at aileronit.com> wrote:
> Good morning from Wisconsin,
> Back in 2019, I was involved in a discussion on this list to seek out
> hosting providers friendly to Tor exit nodes so that the list on the Tor
> Project website could be updated and geographic and provider diversity could
> be improved. Because our twins were newborns at the time, the project took a
> back burner but I had built up the initial automation and templates for the
> contacts.
> Would there be any interest in reviving this project for the aforementioned
> reasons?
> Make your day great,
> Isaac Grover, Senior I.T. Consultant
> Aileron I.T. – “ Because #ProactiveIsBetter ”
> O: 715-377-0440, F:715-690-1029, W: www.aileronit.com

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