[tor-relays] Tor and missing IPv6

Marco Predicatori marco at predicatori.it
Fri Mar 12 09:58:56 UTC 2021

William Kane wrote on 3/11/21 6:36 PM:
> @s7r:
> You are right, I did not read his torrc.
> Relays on randomly rotated (most ISP's have adopted a 24 hour lease
> model) IP addresses are disruptive to long term connections anyway
> (this is partially mitigated by not assigning them the stable flag,

I need dynamic dns because this particular node is hosted at my home dsl
connection. The IP usually lasts several weeks or months. I have the stable flag.

> but still) so in my opinion OP should just rent a KVM machine for ~10
> bucks with two static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses,

That's obviously a good idea, but I like to keep an eye on my hardware too. And
I don't mind mixing my own traffic with that of a middle node.

Bye, Marco

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