[tor-relays] Tor and missing IPv6

William Kane ttallink at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 11 17:36:51 UTC 2021


You are right, I did not read his torrc.

Relays on randomly rotated (most ISP's have adopted a 24 hour lease
model) IP addresses are disruptive to long term connections anyway
(this is partially mitigated by not assigning them the stable flag,
but still) so in my opinion OP should just rent a KVM machine for ~10
bucks with two static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, it would greatly
increase the value of his tor relay if he also pays attention to
network diversity while choosing a DC.

Just my opinion :p


2021-03-11 17:16 GMT, s7r <s7r at sky-ip.org>:
> On 3/10/2021 5:31 PM, William Kane wrote:
>> Hi,
>> manually specify IP and port, and set the IPv4Only flag for both
>> ORPort and DirPort.
>> Reference: https://2019.www.torproject.org/docs/tor-manual.html.en
>> William
> I think he has a dynamic IP address which is why, according to pasted
> torrc, the used config is:
> `Address Address my.dynamic.dns.url`
> This is a perfectly normal and accepted use-case. I think this is why it
> complained about not being able to find an IPv6 address, because it was
> resolving a hostname instead of parsing an IP address and most probably
> it did not find any AAAA record.
> Anyway, IPv4Only in the ORPort line is the right config for this
> use-case (where you don't have any IPv6 thus don't want to use IPv6
> auto-discovery), as David said, most annoying bugs regarding IPv6
> auto-discovery were fixed. So the suggestion to use IPv4Only in torrc
> line is not a workaround a bug or misbehavior or something, it is a
> corrected configuration parameter (as per manual instructs) and should
> stay like this even in of course.
> I only find this log message unclear:
> [notice] Unable to find IPv6 address for ORPort 9001. You might want to
> specify IPv6Only to it or set an explicit address or set Address.
> I think it means "... You might want to specify *IPv4Only* to it or set
> it to an explicit address or set configure Address."
> Is this suggestion correct David? I mean, it complains about not being
> able to find an IPv6 address (so most probably there is none to find)
> but it requires you to specify IPv6Only -- impossible, since you don't
> have any IPv6. I don't think it makes sense, or are my thoughts too
> mixed up? If yes, could you do a fast PR since it's something trivial or
> should I file a ticket on gitlab? This should make it in if yes
> of course.

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