[tor-relays] Tor and missing IPv6

Marco Predicatori marco at predicatori.it
Tue Mar 9 21:53:58 UTC 2021

s7r wrote on 3/9/21 3:12 PM:
> Please paste your entire torrc (without any sensitive data of course).
> We have some slight misbehavior for the IPv6 auto discovery.


> Along with the torrc please state if you have IPv6 of any kind to that box and
> if yes which kind (tunnel, native, etc.).

No IPv6 anywhere around.

> Also, you might use `ORPort 9001 IPv4Only` in torrc without any other
> modifications besides this and see if the error still occurs.

This did the trick! No messages in the last 5 hours, since when I updated torrc
and restarted Tor.



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