[tor-relays] Tor and missing IPv6

s7r s7r at sky-ip.org
Tue Mar 9 14:12:44 UTC 2021

Marco Predicatori wrote:
> Hi,
> I've recently upgraded to Tor Everything seems to work fine, but in the
> notices_log file I have a lot of these lines:
> [notice] Unable to find IPv6 address for ORPort 9001. You might want to specify
> IPv6Only to it or set an explicit address or set Address.
> I don't have IPv6, and any line mentioning IPv6 in the torrc file is commented.
> Is there anythng I need to do in order to get rid of those notices, or can I
> just let them be?
> Thanks, Marco

Hi Marco,

Thanks for running a relay / bridge.

Please paste your entire torrc (without any sensitive data of course).
We have some slight misbehavior for the IPv6 auto discovery.

Along with the torrc please state if you have IPv6 of any kind to that 
box and if yes which kind (tunnel, native, etc.).

Also, you might use `ORPort 9001 IPv4Only` in torrc without any other 
modifications besides this and see if the error still occurs.

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