[tor-relays] [NYX_NOTICE] Relay unresponsive -- how to troubleshoot?

Davin Mertens davinmertens at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 04:51:46 UTC 2020

Based on both your suggestions, I stopped a resource-intensive job that
was running, and also "reniced" Tor to give it priority. Since then, I
haven't encountered more "resource unresponsive" warnings.

Thanks for your help!

On 6/8/20 4:38 PM, mpan wrote:
>> I keep getting NYX_NOTICEs about "Relay unresponsive". They happen every
>> few hours, and last for minutes or sometimes a couple of hours before I get
>> a "relay resumed" message.
>   As Damian Johnson has said, it is hard to guess the cause without more
> clues. But keep in mind that 2MB/s with 7k connections puts a
> considerable load on the operating system. Are you sure it’s not your
> machine that is limiting performance of your relay? That could cause
> temporary, short lockups, preventing nyx from receiving notifications
> from the relay in time and considering it unresponsive.
>   That’s my guess after seeing that your average traffic hovers under
> 200kB/s. This alone does not indicate any problems with your
> configuration yet, because it’s also a matter of how much connections
> you actually receive. But together with the “Relay unresponsive” warning
> it reminds me of what I see when my own node is experiencing hiccups
> during high load from other sources.
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