[tor-relays] [NYX_NOTICE] Relay unresponsive -- how to troubleshoot?

mpan tor-1qnuaylp at mpan.pl
Mon Jun 8 23:38:23 UTC 2020

> I keep getting NYX_NOTICEs about "Relay unresponsive". They happen every
> few hours, and last for minutes or sometimes a couple of hours before I get
> a "relay resumed" message.
  As Damian Johnson has said, it is hard to guess the cause without more
clues. But keep in mind that 2MB/s with 7k connections puts a
considerable load on the operating system. Are you sure it’s not your
machine that is limiting performance of your relay? That could cause
temporary, short lockups, preventing nyx from receiving notifications
from the relay in time and considering it unresponsive.

  That’s my guess after seeing that your average traffic hovers under
200kB/s. This alone does not indicate any problems with your
configuration yet, because it’s also a matter of how much connections
you actually receive. But together with the “Relay unresponsive” warning
it reminds me of what I see when my own node is experiencing hiccups
during high load from other sources.

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