[tor-relays] bwauths don't like one of my relays?

trusting.mcnulty at protonmail.com trusting.mcnulty at protonmail.com
Sat Jan 4 00:18:15 UTC 2020

An update on my relay 'kima' ($54A35E582F9E178542ECCFA48DBE14F401729969) --

Eventually I did get assigned more weight; the relay is currently at 4600.

Along the way I think I discovered one potential problem with the bwauth bootstrapping process, at least for sbws.  (I'm not sure about torflow.)

When sbws is constructing a two-hop measurement circuit to run a test, it tries to pick an exit that has at least twice the consensus weight of the current relay-under-test:

So this means that in this case, sbws would have picked any exit that was not a BadExit, has an acceptable ExitPolicy, and has a consensus weight of at least, well, 2.  That's not a lot.

As it turns out, something like 10% of exits have under a 600Kbyte/sec advertised bandwidth.  So it seems pretty easy from this weight=1 bootstrap scenario to get paired with an exit that will give poor test results.

Perhaps bwauth path selection should also choose a testing pair from exits/relays with a certain absolute minimum of weight or advertised bandwidth?

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