[tor-relays] Email Blocked by ISP

Neel Chauhan neel at neelc.org
Fri May 17 00:42:33 UTC 2019

Looking at your email address, you have an ISP assigned email. Unless 
you work for Spectrum, you shouldn't use an ISP email account. I'd 
advise you either:

  * Sign up for a third-party email service like Gmail, Outlook, 
ProtonMail, or Tutanota

  * If you can maintain one, run your own email server (I do this myself 
but many don't recommend it as email servers are complex)

Assuming you have a middle relay, I don't think the relay caused the 
email problems. I believe someone hacked your email, whether through a 
hacker attacking the Spectrum email server or a virus/malware gaining 
access to your email via a browser exploit. Check for this first.


On 2019-05-16 13:31, K. Besig wrote:
> I've run a homeĀ  relay on and off for several years and recently, for
> the first time, had my email blocked by the ISP rendering it
> impossible to login into my 3rd party mail sever.
> When I contacted support I was informed my email password had been
> reset due to activity that resembled e-bombing/mass mailing. Only
> after submitting to a system scan while the rep waited on the
> phone,was I able to reset my password.
> I moved several months ago and went from a TWC legacy account to a
> Spectrum account.
> Wondering if anything other than lowering my tor bandwidth would keep
> them off my back...
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