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Yea, the big corporates do not want anyone to run their own email servers now, and I may end up giving up, as no longer really need a VPS as I am retired.   Email servers that are not a run through big corporation  are by definition suspicious.

At one time I ran Tor with a separated IP address on the server in and out,  but blacklisting sites soon worked that one out.    I have VPS for Tor are elsewhere not on my personal VPS.    

Email servers are tedious to set up SPF, dkim ,dmarc, certificates and fail2ban.  Even with that all in place, and on no blacklist whatsoever (as listed on MXtoolbox) both Google's email systems and Microsoft can suddenly, you to their email accounts.   They never give a reason.   I had this twice now. It is a real chore finding their hidden web pages and forms to deal with the issue to get you off their internal backlists, and it takes a few days.   Because my email server has so little traffic, is it impossible to earn "reputational" good marks with them. So one glitch probably triggers their algorithm to block.   


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Looking at your email address, you have an ISP assigned email. Unless you work for Spectrum, you shouldn't use an ISP email account. I'd advise you either:

  * Sign up for a third-party email service like Gmail, Outlook, ProtonMail, or Tutanota

  * If you can maintain one, run your own email server (I do this myself but many don't recommend it as email servers are complex)

Assuming you have a middle relay, I don't think the relay caused the email problems. I believe someone hacked your email, whether through a hacker attacking the Spectrum email server or a virus/malware gaining access to your email via a browser exploit. Check for this first.


On 2019-05-16 13:31, K. Besig wrote:
> I've run a home  relay on and off for several years and recently, for 
> the first time, had my email blocked by the ISP rendering it 
> impossible to login into my 3rd party mail sever.
> When I contacted support I was informed my email password had been 
> reset due to activity that resembled e-bombing/mass mailing. Only 
> after submitting to a system scan while the rep waited on the 
> phone,was I able to reset my password.
> I moved several months ago and went from a TWC legacy account to a 
> Spectrum account.
> Wondering if anything other than lowering my tor bandwidth would keep 
> them off my back...
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