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WTF happened to attack the argument and not the person?

> On 3. May 2019, at 11:42, Stirling Newberry <stirlingnewberry at protonmail.com> wrote:
>> I met Conrad online in September 2013, not long after the Washington Navy Yard shootings. Which is how I remember when. He mentioned that he was serving in the Navy then. And I vaguely recall that he's posted on Tor lists about the military using Tor.
> So you met Conrad on Grindr in September 2013, not long after he was supposed of been shot by the Washington Navy Yard shooter? Did you tell him during the Grindr date that he was lucky to be alive so he could bring us Greypony? I wish the shooter would of killed him because Conrad deserves to be dead because of the hell the Greypony project brought us since 2013.
> Was he top or were you top? Did you suck or did he suck? or did you both suck? Did you do a good little rim afterwards?
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