[tor-relays] Call for setting up new obfs4 bridges

Philipp Winter phw at torproject.org
Wed Jul 3 00:00:49 UTC 2019

On Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 12:22:29PM -0700, Philipp Winter wrote:
> We therefore want to encourage volunteers to set up new obfs4 bridges to
> help censored users.  Over the last few weeks, we have been improving
> our obfs4 setup guide which walks you through the process:
> <https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/PluggableTransports/obfs4proxy>

We created a docker image for those who prefer containers over manual
installation.  First, fetch the docker image:

  docker pull phwinter/obfs4-bridge:0.1

Now, you have two options to start the container:

1. You can use the following script to run the container:
   It automatically finds an OR port and obfs4 port for you.

2. If you would rather provide your own ports, run the following command:

     OR_PORT=XXX PT_PORT=YYY EMAIL=admin at example.com; \
     docker run -d \
       -e "OR_PORT=$OR_PORT" -e "PT_PORT=$PT_PORT" -e "EMAIL=$EMAIL" \
       -p "$OR_PORT":"$OR_PORT" -p "$PT_PORT":"$PT_PORT" \

   Replace XXX with your OR port, YYY with your obfs4 port, and
   admin at example.com with your email address. Don't forget the semicolon
   after the enrivonment variables.

Your container should now be bootstrapping your new obfs4 Tor bridge.


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