[tor-relays] Running 2 relays with [err] descriptor at 0x8a0acdb0830 begins with unexpected string "".

technonerd at fea.st technonerd at fea.st
Thu Feb 28 13:18:29 UTC 2019

> >> ORPort []:9050
> > 
> > This config line will probably cause a parse error.
> > 
> > If this is meant to be an IPv6 ORPort, try:
> > 
> > ORPort [::]:9050
> > 
> > T
> Indeed, ORPort []:9050 is incorrect, even it's not the reason of the
> error described in this message.

Sorry for the confusion I had removed the ipv6 address before sending the email. But it would be ORPort [ipv6_address]:9050

> Back to the err message:
> I see you use two Tor instances and properly set up two different
> datadirectories for each, one in /var/lib/tor/data and one in
> /var/lib/tor2/data -- so the possibility of two (Tor) processes running
> in the same datadirectory shouldn't be of concern.
> Please follow-up this bug, maybe downgrade your logs to at least info
> level and monitor the processes running and using the Tor DataDirectory
> paths.

I have been using nyx to monitor the relay process via "sudo -u tor nyx" I will stop using it for the time being and just monitor the files.

> Already crashed twice so far? Which instance crashed the one running a
> relay or the one hosting onion services?

The relay has crashed twice, the one hosting the onion service has been unaffected.

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