[tor-relays] Running 2 relays with [err] descriptor at 0x8a0acdb0830 begins with unexpected string "".

s7r s7r at sky-ip.org
Thu Feb 28 09:01:29 UTC 2019


teor wrote:
> Hi,
>> On 28 Feb 2019, at 09:57, technonerd at fea.st wrote:
>> I run one relay and another tor instance for hidden services and socksport.  Haven't had a problem until  Ive had it crash twice so far. Maybe my configs aren't sane?
>> [err] descriptor at 0x8a0acdb0830 begins with unexpected string "".  Is another process running in our data directory?  Exiting.
> Which instance do the errors occur on?
>> ORPort []:9050
> This config line will probably cause a parse error.
> If this is meant to be an IPv6 ORPort, try:
> ORPort [::]:9050
> T

Indeed, ORPort []:9050 is incorrect, even it's not the reason of the
error described in this message.

However, shouldn't the line:
ORPort 9050

bind to all v4 and v6 available interfaces / IP addresses? If it does
not, we should fix it to do so. As in:

ORPort 9050 - bind to all available v4 and v6
ORPort - bind to all available from the v4 class
ORport [::]:9050 - bind to all available from the v6 class
ORPort <explicit-address>:port - bind to specified address exactly

Back to the err message:
I see you use two Tor instances and properly set up two different
datadirectories for each, one in /var/lib/tor/data and one in
/var/lib/tor2/data -- so the possibility of two (Tor) processes running
in the same datadirectory shouldn't be of concern.

Please follow-up this bug, maybe downgrade your logs to at least info
level and monitor the processes running and using the Tor DataDirectory

Already crashed twice so far? Which instance crashed the one running a
relay or the one hosting onion services?

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