[tor-relays] Help! I'm ripping my hair out trying to get Quintex on IPv6 exit

John Ricketts john at quintex.com
Sat May 19 03:24:56 UTC 2018


I've been trying to bring a relay up for testing IPv6.  Relay name is QuintexAirVPN1.  Metrics website says that the OR Port is unreachable on [2620:7:6000::ffff:c759:df51]:80 - which isn't where I set the ORPort - should be 443...


Config is as follows:

ORPort 443
ORPort [2620:7:6000::ffff:c759:df51]:443
Nickname QuintexAirVPN1
ContactInfo John L. Ricketts, PhD <john AT quintex dot com>
DirPort 80 # what port to advertise for directory connections
DirPortFrontPage /etc/tor/tor-exit-notice.html
DisableDebuggerAttachment 0
Sandbox 1
ExitRelay 1
IPv6Exit 1
ExitPolicy accept *:*
ExitPolicy accept6 *:*
NumCPUs 2

Help!! LOL
John L. Ricketts, PhD
Quintex Alliance Consulting
(325) 262-3488
john at quintex.com

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