[tor-relays] gratitude

George george at queair.net
Wed May 16 00:09:00 UTC 2018

Steve Snyder:
>> maybe one of these days i can contribute to it with my own relay,
> node, bridge, anything.
> Lack of technical skills or access to computing resources isn't a
> barrier to supporting Tor. You can support the network financially. E.g.

Of course donations are good, but I don't know enough about that poster
to judge their potential technical contributions.

But I would add introducing ones and twos to using TB is an
accomplishment in itself.

It's worth noting that the relay community is very unique in the open
source world.  With most open source software, a diff submitted is
quickly forgotten and often irrelevant in time. The fact that volunteers
have such a central role running nodes isn't just part of the picture,
it's critical to the entire operation.



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