[tor-relays] Trying to set up a relay at home, but get no connections

Gunnar Wolf gwolf at debian.org
Wed Jun 13 00:24:37 UTC 2018

Neel Chauhan dijo [Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 05:38:31PM -0400]:
> Do you have an alternative choice of ISP? In many countries, you often do
> (e.g. Europe, East Asia). In others, you usually don't (e.g. USA, small
> island nations). If you don't, another option is a VPN with a public IP
> address (that is, if you are willing to pay for one).

I do have a choice, but to be honest, it's a hassle; I want to run my
relay from my home connection; our current ISP is by far the country's
leading provider, and it is among the few to offer service over

I guess my nest step will be to talk to their end-user
service. It's... Well, it's very very very much not fun to sit by the
phone for ~30 minutes to have them repeat to me to use only a
reasonably new Windows version and make sure I don't have a virus :-P
But I will try.

> Maybe your ISP hates Tor and doesn't want you to run a relay. Most broadband
> ISPs in countries which don't block Tor usually let you run a relay even if
> their TOS says it's not allowed, but if you don't have net neutrality in
> your country, an ISP can freely block consensus nodes to prevent you from
> being a relay. Unfortunate, but probably is true in your case. If you are
> willing to get political, you should push for net neutrality in your
> country.

Right. I will find it out. In fact, looking at the terms of service, I
see this point broadly prohibits being a Tor relay:

    (for a non-commercial, home kind of line, clients will not)
    Give telecommunications services and/or carry activities such as
    transport or reorigintation of public switched traffic, originated
    in a different city or country, or give call back or bypass

This is in the _telephony_ part of the contract, and it relates to a
very different issue, but it still resounds very much of Tor. (The
same paragraph is repeated, word by word, in the Internet part of the
document - Even though the language comes from the telephony world).

I'm thinking, although this bridges into a different project, whether
this should be covered by the OONI tests (for which I also run a probe).
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