[tor-relays] Trying to set up a relay at home, but get no connections

Neel Chauhan neel at neelc.org
Mon Jun 11 21:38:31 UTC 2018

Do you have an alternative choice of ISP? In many countries, you often 
do (e.g. Europe, East Asia). In others, you usually don't (e.g. USA, 
small island nations). If you don't, another option is a VPN with a 
public IP address (that is, if you are willing to pay for one).

Once Verizon FiOS (US FTTH ISP) blocked the consensus node tor26 
( and just tor26 and I thought that was absurd, but this is 
on a whole another level. At least Verizon still let me run a Tor relay 
(they technically ban it, but nobody enforces it), and I did get tor26 
unblocked after posting on the NANOG mailing list. At least I still had 
the cable company here as well, but in the US cable usually sucks (some 
have cable as their only option if you don't want 1.5-6mbps DSL).

Maybe your ISP hates Tor and doesn't want you to run a relay. Most 
broadband ISPs in countries which don't block Tor usually let you run a 
relay even if their TOS says it's not allowed, but if you don't have net 
neutrality in your country, an ISP can freely block consensus nodes to 
prevent you from being a relay. Unfortunate, but probably is true in 
your case. If you are willing to get political, you should push for net 
neutrality in your country.

-Neel Chauhan



On 2018-06-11 14:29, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Graeme Neilson dijo [Sat, Jun 09, 2018 at 11:53:20AM +1200]:
>> See if you can route to all the authorities.
>> Tor requires that all relays are able to contact all directory 
>> authorities.
>> In my case tcptraceroute would not get to all the authorities. For 
>> some
>> authorities my ISP was not routing to them.
> This seems to be the issue - I'm attaching a screenshot of «mtr»
> trying to reach all of the directory authorities from said server.
> So, it seems my ISP does not want us to run relays ☹ Can you think of
> any way my connection (oversized for my regular uses) can be put to
> use for Tor? I guess it would not work as a bridge either, would it?
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