[tor-relays] Home router keeps failing.

Gary jaffacakemonster53 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 09:51:37 UTC 2018


I keep having issues with my home router - it keeps failing due to the
number of connections and I would be grateful for some advice.

I have been running a (non-exit) middle relay for some time and up until
now my router has mostly coped. It is what is what I got from my ISP, I
can't afford to get a new one. At the minute I had to reset it on a daily
basis which not only breaks tor circuits, but I am finding it increasingly
hard to convince other people I live with that we need the relay when it
causes them browsing issues.

My relay connects via wire Ethernet.
When I get to (approx) 900 incoming / 600 outgoing tor connections the
router goes TITSUP.
ACCOUNTING MAX is set to 8GBytes, I think the actual daily usage is about 4
GB though.
RelayBandwidthRate is 250 KBytes, RelayBandwitdthBurst is 500KBytes.
Although there are a few other devices / phones also connected, however I
would estimate not more than a combined 2 GB daily HTTP / HTTPS traffic for
all devices. No file sharing / P2P other than tor.
My DSL speed is approx 50 mbits download / 15 mbits upload

I dont want to keep resetting my router every day, I would be grateful for
any advice.

Many Thanks.
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