[tor-relays] Bridge relays should upgrade to use the new bridge authority

Roger Dingledine arma at mit.edu
Sat Jul 14 20:33:17 UTC 2018

Hi folks!

If you run a bridge relay, please upgrade -- so your bridge address can
resume being given out to censored users, and so your stats can resume
being included in the metrics pages.

We just put out new releases (,,,
that retire the old bridge authority and start using a new one. The new
bridge authority is "Serge", and it is operated by George from the Tor
BSD Diversity project:

If for whatever reason you can't upgrade yet, you can also manually
switch to advertising your bridge descriptor to the new bridge authority
by using this torrc line:

AlternateBridgeAuthority Serge orport=9001 bridge BA44 A889 E64B 93FA A2B1 14E0 2C2A 279A 8555 C533


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