[tor-announce] Tor is released: bridge relay operators should upgrade

Roger Dingledine arma at mit.edu
Sat Jul 14 20:21:37 UTC 2018

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The main people who need to upgrade are people who operate a bridge relay
-- so their bridge address can resume being given out to censored users,
and so their stats can resume being included in the metrics pages.

Changes in version - 2018-07-13
  Tor moves to a new bridge authority, meaning people running
  bridge relays should upgrade.

  o Directory authority changes:
    - The "Bifroest" bridge authority has been retired; the new bridge
      authority is "Serge", and it is operated by George from the
      TorBSD project. Closes ticket 26771.

We also put out new stable releases for and, and those
releases include other backported fixes:


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