[tor-relays] Problem implementing IPv6 and NYX info

arisbe arisbe at cni.net
Sun Jul 1 19:59:44 UTC 2018

Thank you Roman for quick reply.  I had typo on ORPort address that but 
just in this email.  My ISP at home and work does not pass Ipv6 so I am 
not able to ping/trace.  I think I don't have the resources to work this 
problem to satisfactory conclusion so I'm still looking for suggestions.
Your advice regarding working out the IPv6 problem before integrating 
Tor was wise.  That is the direction I will take.

On 7/1/2018 11:34 AM, Roman Mamedov wrote:
> Hello,
> In /etc/network/interfaces you set your IP to
>>       address 2a06:1700:0:1b::
> which is equivalent of 2a06:1700:0:1b:0:0:0:0, or also 2a06:1700:0:1b::0.
> But then in torrc you use:
>>       ORPort [2a06:1700:0:1b::1]:9001
>  From your configs, this is your upstream gateway IP, not IP of your actual
> machine. So this configuration is incorrect.
> Also generally it is adviced against using the all-zeroes IP (which you
> chose), it has some special properties and some software may not support it
> properly.
> Assuming the entire /64 is assigned to you by the host and the gateway
> is ..::1 in it, it's a fine idea to use ..::2, or just whatever IP other than
> the ..::0.
> Finally though, neither your gateway nor your machine at its present IP seem to
> be reachable from the Internet at the moment. Verify that IPv6 works properly
> with ping/trace/curl/wget before trying to use it with more complex apps such
> as Tor.

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