[tor-relays] Problem implementing IPv6 and NYX info

Roman Mamedov rm at romanrm.net
Sun Jul 1 18:34:53 UTC 2018


In /etc/network/interfaces you set your IP to

>      address 2a06:1700:0:1b::

which is equivalent of 2a06:1700:0:1b:0:0:0:0, or also 2a06:1700:0:1b::0.

But then in torrc you use:

>      ORPort [2a06:1700:0:1b::1]:9001

From your configs, this is your upstream gateway IP, not IP of your actual
machine. So this configuration is incorrect.

Also generally it is adviced against using the all-zeroes IP (which you
chose), it has some special properties and some software may not support it

Assuming the entire /64 is assigned to you by the host and the gateway
is ..::1 in it, it's a fine idea to use ..::2, or just whatever IP other than
the ..::0.

Finally though, neither your gateway nor your machine at its present IP seem to
be reachable from the Internet at the moment. Verify that IPv6 works properly
with ping/trace/curl/wget before trying to use it with more complex apps such
as Tor.

With respect,

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