[tor-relays] Albania Hosting suspended my two relays

arisbe arisbe at cni.net
Wed Aug 15 21:49:49 UTC 2018

Greetings Tor Users,

I wanted to pass along the death of two of my relays, one was a fallback 
directory and one exit, both on VPS hardware operated by Albania Hosting 
sh. a.  I successfully operated the guard/middle node for three years 
without an abuse report. [0]  Based on that success, I asked and was 
granted permission to operate an exit relay.  [1]  That relay went six 
months before the first abuse report.  I responded to the first report 
promptly reviewing logs, checking for intrusion, etc.  The second abuse 
report got me suspended.  Both abuse reports were of the automated 
type.  I did not see the second report until after suspension and by 
requesting it be forwarded.  In the second instance there was reported 
one ftpd attack attempt over a period of 3600 seconds.  Apparently, no 
further attempts were made.

I was the first Tor relay in Albania and the first Tor exit relay as 
well so I'm very sad that this will end.  I think the issue with Albania 
Hosting was not so much the automated abuse reports but the 
inconvenience dealing with me.  To quote a recent Hosting email: 
"Actually we will not fight with such abuses, it is really not worth any 

So, RIP...

[0] TorNodeAlbania  D3E5EDDBE5159388704D6785BE51930AAFACEC6F

[1] TorExitAlbania  516D1B9E22484202322828D8CAC30325030017E2

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