[tor-relays] Fwd: Your TOR [sic] node

Duncan dguthrie at posteo.net
Sun Sep 10 04:09:00 UTC 2017

Hi Dennis,

In case you've been asleep under some accursed rock for the last couple
of years, let's get some things straight:

As benevolent Tor exit operators, we care a lot about our users'
privacy. We choose to log as little as possible, and to ensure the
security of the servers of our Tor relay. Ideally, we run our own
nameservers because it's better that (nominally) only we have access to
those particular requests.

What we don't do is use random nameservers that we find on a mailing
list. That would just be callous and irresponsible. Why would we want a
large organization such as our ISP or Google to see each and every
request, let alone someone not even a little accountable publicly?

So when you send this spam around, for that is what it is - not even on
the public Tor mailing lists - but privately, how can you possibly
expect people to believe it's anything other than malicious?

Some other things I've observed about this whole episode which are
rather odd and concerning:

1. You've clearly changed your sink-hole telephone number since the last
round of spam.

2. You edited yourself onto Wikipedia to associate yourself with a
larger, historic group of DNS servers. [1]

3. You've answered Tor StackExchange queries in order to advertise your
nameservers, but in a misleading manner. [2]

4. You only talk on the Tor mailing lists when you've been called out,
or to advertise your nameservers underneath there in some strange bout
of "reconciliation".

5. One of the nameservers is also a Tor relay (only open on port 53,
DNS). That's seems like a stupid thing to do. It would seem like a bad
idea to attract (larger amounts of) traffic to your non-exit that isn't
from other Tor relays. I'm genuinely confused by why you chose to do this.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Root_Server_Network

The question I'd ask is: what are your ~really~ running these
nameservers for? At least stop the spam, please!

Dennis Emory Hannon:
> So let me get this straight - Because you don't agree with the way I'm
> marketing my network I must be malicious and this must be a "social
> engineering" attack? Seriously guys, put away the tin foil hats. I truly
> DON'T want to know what people on tor are browsing. 
> If you 'd like to waste your time on baseless assumptions go right ahead. 
> -Dennis
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