[tor-relays] Fwd: Your TOR [sic] node

tor tor at anondroid.com
Sat Sep 9 21:13:27 UTC 2017

> So let me get this straight – Because you don’t agree with the way I’m
> marketing my network I must be malicious and this must be a “social
> engineering” attack? Seriously guys, put away the tin foil hats. I truly
> DON’T want to know what people on tor are browsing.
> If you ‘d like to waste your time on baseless assumptions go right ahead.
> -Dennis


I'd say you've painted a pretty dismal picture for us by:

1) harvesting relay operators email addresses and sending shady unsolicited (spam) emails...

2) requesting we send all the exit DNS traffic your way -- traffic which says an enormous amount about users of the network...

3) setting up an oddly configured exit that only allows port 53...

4) disrespecting the operator community by ignoring our requests and advice...

5) generally being defensive and rude about the whole thing.

Honestly, what else would you expect from us at this point? You've made it very difficult for anyone to trust you. More to point, it seems nobody wants to use your stupid, misguided, poorly configured DNS server. Please just knock it off. If you truly have good intentions for the Tor project, there are much better ways to help.
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