[tor-relays] Netflix overblocking non-exit Tor relays

Markus Koch niftybunny at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 28 02:52:45 UTC 2016

I dont think its hostility. For the normal support assistant security
and/or TOR is like a black hole
and they do not know anything about it or know stuff from the
mainstream press which is mostly
complete bullshit. I would not blame the support person, try to get a
supervisor who knows what we
are doing. Good luck!


> from this tread, i don't get the sense that netflix is interested in
> changing anything. it is only speculation, but i'd guess there's a
> financial incentive provided to netflix for hostility to tor.
> do i have to say anything other than cloudflare?
> well, there are many things to do with my time besides watching teevee.
> although i just started watching occupied [okkupert] which i liked a lot ...
> --
> \js: !
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